Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Does wool represent life?

I think wool has become a metaphor for what has been happening since I last posted. It's not been all bad but life has done some serious unravelling and I have no idea if there is a pattern as I cannot see one, I've no idea if there is enough yardage left or whether I'm reaching the end of my rope.

The gammy knee continues to get no better and increasing the functional exercising seems to result in a prolonged period of not being able to find a position of comfort. I just cannot settle and end up trying it in all sorts of positions so much so that I look like I'm doing a one legged tribute to Riverdance.

I am now allowed to drive short distances in the car and so far have made three small journeys, two of which were to wool shops, which shows you where my priorities are! This was wonderful until the third outing on Friday when the power steering began losing all pressure and I had to get the car recovered from the Waitrose car park which has worryingly tricky access, on the upside at least I had access to coffee and facilities while I waited.

The chap who arrived, after being himself stuck in traffic, said he'd have to try to drive my car out which I thought was odd as they knew in advance about the tight access ramp, reduced height and pillars. Thankfully, he managed but the steering needed superhuman strength and when I saw the recovery truck I was gobsmacked as it was utterly the biggest recovery truck I've seen and was able to recover minibuses! No wonder he couldn't get in the car park. The worst was to come as gammy knee and I had to get up the three steps to the cab and even more painfully back down. If I'd known how high and difficult it would be I'd have arranged for a taxi home however, my car and I made it back though my knee suffered quite badly and the weekend was spent in a bit of a fog from the strong painkillers. While this was all very gloomy something nice did happen as my neighbour was watching for me coming home and brought over a delicious big piece of her chocolate birthday cake.

As the car broke down on late on Friday afternoon the breakdown company have been brilliant and arranged to return on Monday morning to re-recover the car and take it to the repair garage. Unfortunately, the repair is looking significantly expensive for the part before any labour and the earliest the part can be sourced from the manufacturer is Friday. So the net result is I currently have neither a pair of functioning legs, nor a set of wheels and, as if that wasn't bad enough, a garage bill that will floor me!

The boiler is, and I whisper this, allegedly repaired, except that when I got home on Friday it had lost some pressure again! My heart sank but after pressuring it up again it seems to have stayed so fingers crossed. My friends have started answering my calls with 'What's happened now?' and begun suggesting lucky charms, white heather and offering to light candles for me. I've said yes to all offers!