Saturday, 23 March 2013

Easter Rosaries 1-5

I enjoy making small single decade rosaries and have decided to use up some spare beads to make these.

Beading Buddy

Settling in for a chat....
The shamrock necklace under construction or ?destruction?  

Happy Bead Day to You

Some beady treats for my Mother's Birthday, She finds it difficult to cope with clasps and the like so everything has to go onto elastic which is quite limiting to design but she loves these new ones so job done!

Pink sparkly crystals on a slightly longer length
 Colour change crystals which are lilac or blue depending on the lighting with floral lampwork beads
 Seed faux pearls with lampwork white beads with clear green glass shamrocks in the centre
 The shamrocks are see through
 Red crystals with Miyuki gold rocailles and a blown glass heart
 Miyuki red triangle seed beads with small haematite stars
 Gold Miyuki rocailles, lampwork ladybirds and toadstool
Close up

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Mother and Daughter

This pair of necklaces represent something I have never done before. They are made with swarovski powder pink pearls and swarovski tanzanite crystals and are made to a simple and elegant design with magnetic clasps.

What is unique about them is that they are identical and this is something I have never done before. Everything I've made since I started jewellery making has been different. I felt it was my trademark that each piece was bespoke, unique and individual. Yet for my lovely friend Maeve and her Mother it just seemed 'right' to give them matching necklaces which still gives them something unique from me as no-one else has a matching set.

From me to you

One of the nicest things about being able to make your own jewellery is being able to really personalise the items.

I am able to make exactly what I like, in my perfect size with a no hassle clasp. I get great pleasure from sitting down to create; sometimes with a clear idea in mind or, at other times, sitting and letting the gems and techniques suggest their own combinations.  Not making my jewellery commercially gives me this freedom.

A particular pleasure is to design for friends or family. Creating something that is tailored to their individual personality, an interest or style is so satisfying. It is way better than a 'bought' gift as you are able to give something of yourself with the gift.  

I made the freshwater pearl and AB coated swarovski crystal necklace below for a colleague who was leaving. When I started in this job she mentored and supported me and over the years she has become a friend as well as a colleague. She is the epitome of elegance, style and graciousness and this simple strand will, I hope, feel entirely right for her. The hidden message is that there are eleven crystals, to symbolise the eleven years I have worked with her. It is this ability to incorporate an added message, unique to the person or relationship, that makes jewellery making so special.