Saturday, 27 August 2011


I took a class for this one as I just felt like learning something in a congenial atmosphere. The tutor was the same girl who had been wearing the crystal heart necklace. The class was great fun and the balls proved to be surprisingly easy to do once the pattern 'clicked' in my head and I could 'see' how it formed. I'm quite a visual learner and definitely prefer being shown.

I also got a little carried away. I made the silver and dark purple one at the class as it matched my top that day and the rest I made at home over that weekend. The best one is the little multicoloured one in the middle which was made with beads I got free in a magazine. I'd love to find these beads again can't seem to find them at all. I thought they were supposed to be Preciosa crystal, but they are proving elusive.

The lilac one to the right has a pink bead captured in the centre. I am not sure about the two pink and lilac ones, they are a bit too colourful and 'twee'. I think they might be 'recycled' to another project. The bright pink one will have twin once I make it and I will use it for the cut ends of the curtain cords. I thought they would be good as the beads themselves are rubberised acrylic and I thought even if the cats use them like a swingball game there won't be any damage - unless I catch them at it, of course...!

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