Saturday, 9 March 2013

From me to you

One of the nicest things about being able to make your own jewellery is being able to really personalise the items.

I am able to make exactly what I like, in my perfect size with a no hassle clasp. I get great pleasure from sitting down to create; sometimes with a clear idea in mind or, at other times, sitting and letting the gems and techniques suggest their own combinations.  Not making my jewellery commercially gives me this freedom.

A particular pleasure is to design for friends or family. Creating something that is tailored to their individual personality, an interest or style is so satisfying. It is way better than a 'bought' gift as you are able to give something of yourself with the gift.  

I made the freshwater pearl and AB coated swarovski crystal necklace below for a colleague who was leaving. When I started in this job she mentored and supported me and over the years she has become a friend as well as a colleague. She is the epitome of elegance, style and graciousness and this simple strand will, I hope, feel entirely right for her. The hidden message is that there are eleven crystals, to symbolise the eleven years I have worked with her. It is this ability to incorporate an added message, unique to the person or relationship, that makes jewellery making so special.

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