Saturday, 17 January 2015

2015: Going Forward

2014 definitely wasn't the improvement I'd hoped for...
 ...and, for the first year that I can remember, I did not sit and have some personal reflective time at Christmas to review my year before moving onwards.
There have been some lovely things that have happened and most importantly it has been blessed by the most wonderful friends and colleagues in real life and through the personal conversations and support that have come through being part of the amazing blogosphere.
2015 is heralded by a number of challenges, which I have little to no ability to alter, right from the outset. I can't even contemplate how any of it it is going to pan out or where I am going to be at the end of the journey.
However, as I cannot trade in this life for one I'd prefer, which would be totally organised with no stray piles of ironing hiding behind the cat, then I think I am just going to have to face whatever arrives.
Last year's experience would suggest the best thing to do is just try to live in the moment and decide accordingly.
 This sounds a bit like an anti-plan but it's a pragmatic solution that might be a lesson in itself to learn how to go with the flow, and see the wider picture.
They say that life is all about the journey..., here's to all of us, travelling on our personal journeys, and the blessing of good companionship to see us through.
Happy, wonderful 2015 to everyone.


  1. Wishing you also a wonderful 2015 even if it doesn't seem to be exactly what you would have hoped. May your journey bring many joys along the way. There is a freedom in going with the flow, and while sometimes it can be scary to not have a set plan, have the confidence to know that whatever arises, you will be able to cope. It can be easier said than done at times, but we get there. Glad to see you back online in 2015. :-)

  2. You have been on my mind my friend. Wondering how you are? Your Mom? Your Health? Life has a way of making you bend to the demands in front of your even if you don't want to. I see that change is always happening and even if I am not ready for it to occur it does not seem to listen.
    Hang in there my friend,

  3. You are right I think, it is a journey and it is hard when we cannot plan that journey or know where we are heading. Taking things day by day and as they come is probably all that you can do, but that isn't a bad way to approach things. Do things as and when you can, seize the moment if you can and say that I am going to do this now and enjoy those times. I think of you often and wonder how you are, but don't like to intrude by getting in touch. I am always here though if you ever need an ear and am always sending you good thoughts. Hugs to you. I hope that wherever this journey takes you, you can find some relaxation and happy times along the way. xx

  4. Wise words. I wish I could make plans and be certain where I'm going, how/when I'll get there etc, it's so frustrating not know what the future holds but all we can do is take each day at a time and try to enjoy it!

  5. Every blessing as you enter this new year. Just don't spend too much time swithering [now you have taught me that word, I want to use it lots!] Thanks for comments on my Rebus post - I have added a further reply there too xxx

  6. Well kinda rolls in directions that we don't always anticipate. Your attitude for the new year is spot on. I wish you only the best in this journey. That you are given the strength that you need as well as blessings along the way to lift you higher! Nicole xo

  7. Your approach to the year sounds very wise to me. Over Christmas I kept thinking about that family who lost three people in that horrible bin lorry accident in Glasgow - this kind of thing puts my own health and family anxieties into perspective. Making the most of each day as it comes is my resolution for 2015. I hope your year ahead brings you much happiness.

  8. I think you're right - not much other alternative. The best laid plans and all that...... Your pictures of roads look very familiar - I wonder have I travelled on them at some time.

  9. When you can't make a plan with any chance of keeping to it.... yes, hunker down and live in the moment. I felt like this for years during my child rearing years and only now feel that I can reassess my life plan. Hopefully we can be here for you when you need support?

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