Friday, 30 December 2011

Man Knitting

Before you get all excited that the ideal man can be knitted, or an unsuitable one unravelled and re-done, I am referring to knotting techniques. Using 'Get Knotted' as the title would have been just too predicable.

Man Knitting refers to the macho pursuit of making things with knots and sealing the ends with flames. I'm not sure which craft site I saw paracord watch straps on but I'm fairly sure Kirstie Allsopp wasn't involved, which is rather rare this weather. They are billed as survival bracelets as they contain around ten feet of paracord which can be unravelled and will withstand a weight of 550lbs. This can then be used in an 'emergency situation'. If you are an experienced bushcrafter or survivalist, this might just save your life but, if you work in an office, there are few situations where a length of cord is going to prove to be the determining factor.

However, it looked like a cool skill as you can make key fobs and zipper pulls AND the paracord comes in snazzy colours, including glow in the dark. I found a couple of UK suppliers but couldn't get the glow in the dark cord as it was out of stock. However, I did order navy, purple, neon pink and neon yellow and some contoured buckles, which arrived today. I'm still not sure what use the SAS might have for acid pink and 'let the enemy know we're here' yellow but, as I wouldn't have bought 'olive drab' or camouflage, then I'm ignoring this point.

I excitedly set to work. Video tutorial courtesy of youtube, watch face, sharp scissors and flame thrower (ok candle lighter) at the ready. Unfortunately, once I saw the size of the paracord I realised it wouldn't fit the watch face I was planning to use. Undeterred I decided to make a Monkey's Fist key fob and a Celtic Knot Loveheart just to get me started.

You will note by now there are no photos. This is because my monkey's fist looked more like a monkey's bottom and there was no love lost between the loveheart and me. In addition the cats found this utterly fascinating and took turns in yanking the ends of the cord just to check I was paying attention.

So much for man knitting!! As a relaxing hobby 400 feet of paracord and not a scrap of talent is not an auspicious start. Plan B is to buy an inexpensive watch face which I can thread the cord through and try again. I'll keep you posted!

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