Sunday, 22 April 2012

Mother's Day gifts

I haven't blogged much recently and much less have I been jewellery making over the last year or so as things have been very busy and involved. However, having finally downloaded some pics of the jewellery I have made recently from my phone I'm just updating what I have managed so far it is time to update.

These items were made for my Mother's birthday and Mother's day. She loves jewellery and particularly loves items which are easy to put on and take off.

 Above: This is a simple woven heart in pink and green cats eye beads on an elasticated necklace.
This is an elasticated string of mirrorised cubes, silver crystals and silver lined miyuki delicas, the one below is a close up.

This is a strung lariat necklace with pink, green and white cats eye chips with blue cats eyes beads in between. This is a favourite set of my Mother's and she often teams the bracelet with others. I never knew I was a magpie sparkly person and was surprised when I got into jewellery making that I was so taken with crystals and pearls. However, if you look at my Mother's favourites then it is clear to see that the apple didn't fall far from the tree.
This is a right angle weave bracelet in pink and purple cats eye beads on elastic.
This is an unusually coated oval red crystal and haematite necklace, bracelet and ring set with a close up below. The haematite includes small and larger drop hearts and seed beads. The necklace has a small but strong magnetic clasp for easy wearing. This set is a particlar favourite of my Mother's and she wears it often, especially the ring as it has small haematite hearts at the side of the crystal.

 It is hard to see the pendant but this is an articulated pave Teddy Bear with turquoise eyes on an elesticated seed bead 'chain'. Although it looks twisted it sits perfectly. The Teddy is now called Disco Ted after my Mother kept shaking him to see his legs and arms move!

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