Sunday, 22 April 2012

Bead Thief

All jewellery making needs precision, a steady hand and, in this house, the ability to rescue stolen goods from small fur thieves.

I was making beaded dodecahedrons with macrame lengths to act as curtain pull extenders. The original needed cut firstly to protect the cats from hanging themselves and also
to make the cord easier to reach given the high ceilings. The pink one was made earlier and the lilac one completed what I needed. They are made with rubber coated beads so that they dont clatter against the wall or window in case the cats start using them as a pet sized Swingball.

 Right angle weave shouldn't need to be rescued each time you tighten the tension of it.
 After some stern telling off Red settled down and put on a face of utter innocence. Don't be fooled though he was just plotting his next move.
This was him playing gently while I worked out where I had gone wrong. You can see that the ball shape is lopsided. Just after this Red grabbed the pink ball and ran off with me yelling "Bring that BACK..". Yeah, as if that was going to happen. I'd to go and chase him to retrieve it.

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