Friday, 23 May 2014

Meander round Milngavie

Something that has sustained me during my months of enforced downtime has been following the wonderful bloggers who have so kindly taken us as readers on their daily journeys and special days away. I adore Jacquie, Lucy, Gillian, Louise and so many others who act as tour guide and good friend in sharing their walk or visit. For the time it takes to read their blogpost I am actually there; entranced by their words and views illustrating the panorama and the minuitiae of their journey and not contemplating my familiar but limited view from home.

I am still very frustrated by my limitations and the pain but trying hard to regain my life. To give me a focus, and a distraction, I thought that perhaps the lovely readers who come here might like to accompany me. Its a chance to try Gillian and Jacquie's photo improvement tips. All were taken within sneezing distance of my car but I hope this wont distract.

My friend and I were in Milngavie, which is pronounced 'MillGuy' and not Mill-en-Gavie. Its a pretty and rather affluent town about seven or so miles north of Glasgow and is the start of the famous West Highland Way. I remember it feeling brighter than the pictures suggest but it was raining a little on and off.
The middle of the town centre is the start of the famous West Highland Way and is between a Greggs the Bakers and Costa Coffee if you are looking for it! 
and there are even some great benches for the all important photo op before people set off. 
I didn't notice this lady popping up when I was taking this pic 
This is the view of the mill stream that can be seen across from the benches above
 It is a lovely compact little town with plenty of nearby parking and has a great range of shops for a small place
It has a beautiful clock
 and a statue that I don't ever think I've really looked at before so can't comment on its history or significance
Just a couple of minutes from Milngavie town centre is Tannoch Loch. It is a private loch where I would just love to own a home but suspect a lottery win might need to be involved somewhere.
Imagine going down your garden, into your dinghy and onto the Loch. This is what a pond in your garden looks like in this area!
This little duck made me laugh as he crossed the loch, went over and woke up his sleeping wifey then paddled off which was most ungallant!
 Up above Tannoch Loch are the reservoirs and Mugdock Country Park both of which are very popular walking spots. The reservoir is in the mid-ground behind the trees.
On the other side of Milngavie are wonderful views and this is where my cats come to their holiday cattery. It is also where Rangers Football Club have their training grounds but I didn't think to photograph this - sorry! This is Bardowie Loch

Its is lovely that 10mins form my home there are such gorgeous country views and pretty areas. Glasgow often has a grim industrial type connotation in many peoples minds but no matter which way you go rural settings are available within a very short drive.
 This little swallow made me smile. We once had one fly into our office one hot summer when the velux windows were all open and as fast as he shot into the secretaries office they shot out squawking in horror. Yours truly was yanked from her seat and shoved in to deal with the 'unexpected item in typing area' which consisted of me opening the window and letting him leave.....!
The jolly colours of these tulips just made me smile at the road junction
I love the old fashioned road sign tho' the it looked like a bit of rust maintenance might not go amiss
I really hope you have enjoyed our little trip around Milngavie and that you might join me again the next time I manage out.


  1. Oh I LOVE this post... this is my old happy stomping ground! My folks live in Bearsden and we used to live in Balmore, and I worked in Milngavie, so I drove that back road over the hill and through the countryside every day :-) It's such pretty countryside around there and we loved going for walks, and drooling over those fab houses at Tannoch Loch too. Thanks for taking me back, your post have invoked some special and happy memories for me. xx

  2. Your post is fantastic!!! Like you I love going on these virtual walks and tours of places that I will most likely never get to and seeing where others go out and about. Thank you for sharing your visit. It is a lovely place so I can see why you had a nice time there. It must be amazing to have your own personal loch, very posh indeed!! Those benches that the lady popped up in between are fantastic aren't they, so unusual and very pretty too. Glad that you got out and about, it makes all the difference doesn't it. Hope that you have a good weekend. xx

  3. I love you pictures, the old stone houses next to the water are stunning x

  4. So pretty! What a lovely tour.

  5. I loved the trip and thank you for letting me see a place I am sure I will not be able to visit, it looks like a very lovely town. Those house on the water are so beautiful.

  6. Thanks for this lovely tour. What a beautiful place! Have you ever visited 'A Bit About Britain's' blog. He does some amazing tours around places :-) Have a great weekend. xx

  7. Great pictures! Wish I could have taken that trip with you!

  8. Thank you! It's lovely to see parts of the country that I'm probably never going to get to in real life. Is your knee feeling better, or still really off?

  9. I enjoyed it! Thank you for the mention too - I'm glad you enjoy my blog and my walks.. in my next post I'll take you to Norton Priory in Cheshire :)

  10. Lovely series of photos!

  11. I did enjoy this trip very, very much, thank you for taking us on this tour. I would like one of those loch-side homes too, very nice! And thank you for the mention, you are very kind. :-) x


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