Saturday, 12 July 2014

The Emperor's New Commonwealth Games Outfits

Do you remember the 70's with naff patterned fabric and men's foray into colour? Well lucky you as it's obviously back to have another go at trying to be fashionable. Bonus points too if you remember the dancers from STV's Thingummyjig.

I'm not into the Games themselves but as it is showcasing my city and country then it is reasonable to have an opinion on how we present ourselves to the world. These outfits are dreadful and the tailoring and fit is woeful. There is nothing innovative, stylish or inspirational about them that shows pride in Scottish athletes at the pinnacle of their prowess.
Rethink and change the official Scottish uniform for the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony.

The Men's 'blouses' are in a hideous turquoise pattern and don't even fit the models properly. The mustard socks are pretty vile but on the positive side Scots don't generally tan well so this is probably the nearest thing to a tan we'll see on legs!

The poor ladies are the recipients of a tie front gown in a pattern and style which is more commonly seen in the waiting rooms of the mammogram or ECG clinic. In true hospital style the 'goonie' is accessorised with a blanket in case they get cold while waiting. I wonder if the handbag contains a parade invitation or an appointment card?

I love seeing men in a kilt as it usually denotes a special occasion and I actually rather like stylish modern twists. This tartan is not great but I can appreciate it is hard to create a totally new colourway with all the variants already available. However, navy, purple and white would have been a much better starting point rather than colours made to appeal to your nana for her new riser-recliner chair.

Initially the online Evening Times reported that the designer was proudly asserting that she didn't expect everyone would like it. Yesterday she claimed she was now a victim of 'bullying'

On the news tonight the Sports Minister praised the outfits for being very visual and easy to see on camera (yer not joking there, Missus!) and urged people to set aside their views and get behind Team Scotland. What she didn't make clear was how far exactly one would have to be for the nightmarish vision to recede.....?


  1. I have to say the kilts are fine, it is those blouses on the men that are a bit disturbing, they are a bit too feminine for big strong male athletes.

  2. Hmm, not sure that it is really my thing. I think that something with more tartan would actually have been better! xx

  3. I know just what you mean, these are awful and remind me of hospital gowns too! Kilts look great on both men and women so perhaps it would have been nicer to give them a kilt too rather than those awful dresses. As for the blouses - they are horrible! If she feels bullied perhaps she needs to look closer at why!!

  4. Terrible, but just type in ' spanish Olympic Games uniform 2012'. And perhaps you won't feel so bad :-)

  5. Ooh, they are pretty dreadful!x

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