Thursday, 24 January 2013

Needle Felting

These are my first needle felting attempts. Initially, I was just going to recycle some of my wool and use the felt sheets instead of buying the felting wool called roving or tops. I tried the orange flower first and, although it worked, it is not the greatest. So I pottered off to buy some of the felting wool and that worked much better. It feels just like wool and although you are felting it, it doesn't develop that horrid wet boiled wool texture or mess.

This is a nice craft to try as it offers brilliant flexibility to make freehand designs. It is also easy to add a bit more wool if an area is looking sparse or to give it a wee 'haircut' if it gets too bushy. I really enjoyed this and found it good fun. The outcome is a bit rough but for a first attempt I think it is not bad.

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