Friday, 4 January 2013

SECC Hobbycraft and Crafts for Christmas

Better late than never that I record my trip to the SECC Hobbycraft Event in October! This year Ava could not make it so we didn't manage to put our plans into action. However, another friend fancied going, so a fun day out was planned for the Saturday, and fun it was.

This year I thought there were fewer stalls and it all seemed much less crowded than the previous year. However, it was more pleasant being able to browse the aisles without being mobbed and mugged by avid crafters on a mission. I was planning to be more frugal than last year partly through the demands of the housemove but also because the packing shockingly revealed just exactly how much stuff I have still to use. However, I did plan to purchase a ribbon shredder and one of the Spellbound pattern kits. I justified this on the basis that I dont have these tools or patterns so that made it ok.....

As we toured the stalls we came upon the paper ribbon one, watched the demo then returned to join in the make and take session. Odette was slightly less than enthusiastic as she made it clear she was not planning to 'do' hands on crafting. Unfortunately, she was with me so that was swiftly knocked on the head, as I made sure she got the necessary bits to enable her to join in making a ribbon rose. It came back to bite me tho' as she got better marks for hers than my wee sad unravelly effort!

We had a brilliant time wandering round, browsing and just having tme to chat. We also managed to meet some ex-colleagues who were demonstrating hot-fix crystals and had a great catchup. This time we were well prepared and had brought packed lunch bits to share which we ate in the chilly but bearable sun outside. I still haven't forgotten the taste of the dreadful food from the cafe last October and was keen neither to taste it again or to subject Odette to it.

The Crafts for Christmas hall was pretty good too and I once again managed to upset my companion with cheese again. Last year I got Ava to taste the garlic one which I found really tasty but she reacted like she had been poisoned. Odette was quite up for tasting the cheese but the cube of chilli cheese was unfortunately a step too far for her. However, when I went to the loo she went back and purchased a cheese selection and gave me a wee truckle of the chilli version which is very pungent but addictive.

Would I go back again? Yes, definitely. It is a great day out particularly if you fancy trying something new or seeing examples of different crafts. Hopefully next year we'll be able to manage things to enable all of us to be free to go and we can go mob-handed.

The other memory from the day was Odette's courtesy car. She offered to take her car as she had driven to my house and her car was already de-iced. The last time her car was in the garage she was given a flying shoebox, or Smart car. This time she had a very luxurious top of the range car which had seatbelts that gave you a 'hug' when you buckled up. The first time was a bit surprising as she hadn't warned me but it seems this is one of the safety devices which tensions up the belt at the start of the journey. This, I definitely want in my next car....!

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