Thursday, 24 January 2013

Man Knitting Success

Finally managed to make a paracord bracelet. After all my hassle last time I decided to tackle a simple pattern but, when I actually got down to doing it, it turns out that it is actually just a shamballa macrame knot. So much faffing around for something  that was really pretty simple!

This was my first go when I totally over-estimated the size needed and it would have comfortably fitted Desperate Dan...

So, I loosened the original knotting out, resized the 'lazy cords' then re-knotted it. I found it easiest to draw the ends through the bracelet and then melt the ends and 'hide' them under the knotting. The pic below show both the front and back. Regarding the melting of the ends to neaten and seal, apparently it really does mean just gently melting the nylon cording and it is also helpful if you trim the internal threads first. My first attempt to seal the cut end resulted in a nasty sharp carbonised end which smoked. So the note to self is that black and smoke are probably best avoided.

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