Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Fanny the Fairy

When I picked my Mother up recently to take her to my house for her birthday tea I realised I'd forgotten to pick up the cake. Normally we like the M&S ones so it is not usually a big hassle. After running through a couple of options she decided Colin the Caterpillar would be this year's cake.

Unfortunately, despite visiting a few of the local M&S stores Colin was proving to be elusive, maybe he'd become a butterfly, who knows..? So I decided to buy the Enchanted Garden cake which I normally have for my birthdays and refer to as the Sparkly Fairy Angel cake.

However when I got to the car I have no idea what possessed me but, as I opened the door to give her the cake to sit on her lap, I announced "They didn't have any Colin the Caterpillar, so you'll have to make do with Fanny the Fairy" before closing her door and going round to get in the drivers side. When I got in she was howling with laughter and we giggled all the way up the road. I can only put my renaming of the cake down to the very funny Irn-Bru advert Irn-Bru Baby ...or that when we were children my Mother often used to say "Bob's your uncle and Fanny's your aunt".

I'm obviously not a very good daughter as in addition to almost forgetting the cake I'd misplaced the pretty candles in holders we usually use but Mum was not keen for me to waste good cake eating time looking for them...hence the tee-light. Anyway, the cake went down a treat with a decent squirt of cream and Colin was not missed at all.

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