Saturday, 13 April 2013

Russian Spiral Variation

This is a necklace I made from a pattern in a magazine some time ago. I wear it often and find it goes with much of what I wear.

Originally it was being designed for the friend who eventually received the pearl and crystal necklace made from items bought on my Manchester trip . Unfortunately, I'd miscalculated the length of tigertail and it was going to end up too short. So, instead of the spiral being all the way around I threaded the ends with pearls and appropriated it for myself.

I'd made a bracelet before I did this necklace but the illusion thread made it too 'soggy' and it just wouldn't sit properly. Tigertail is too heavy for a smaller piece but with the 6mm pearls and 4x6mm crystal rondelles it worked really well as the necklace has some movement but retains its shape.

Materials: pale pink faux pearls, lilac crystal rondelles and miyuki seed beads.

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  1. Very pretty indeed! I like the way the necklace twists, it's very effective. x


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