Saturday, 27 April 2013

Tribute to Bead Chic Glasgow

Bead Chic, formerly in Crow Road Glasgow, was the first bead shop I ever set foot in and from that moment on I was hooked as a jewellery maker. Caroline the owner, and Gina who used to work there, very generously gave me my first skills by teaching me at the counter, gave fabulous advice and helped me make my first project choices. To both of them I am eternally grateful.

So why this tribute? Well, I noticed that the shop had closed and didn't really know if this was temporary or permanent so I was very sad to see another business had taken over the shop. I was delighted after scouring around to find out that Bead Chic will continue online at present and that Caroline is looking for alternative premises. The quality of her stock has always been first class and I used to go there if I needed beads for an important piece as I knew their quality and advice was always spot on.

I loved going in to find out what new stock Caroline had brought in as she was always very in tune with the latest trends and made wonderful example pieces. These were so inspiring I just had to buy all the bits to try them myself, which I suppose was exactly the idea. Never once did I make it out without a lovely paper bag full of shiny wonders.  I once half-joked that I'd come and work for her on one of my week's annual leave if I could just come and make up jewellery. If she'd have said yes I'd have been in there like a shot.

Glasgow is seriously well supplied by bead shops as it has three other bead shops and I can do a sweep of all of them when I have a couple of hours free. I am keeping my fingers crossed and crossed again that this great little bead shop, which I hold in high esteem, finds a new venue and I can go and chat and be mesmerised by the gorgeous items again.

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