Sunday, 7 September 2014

Expletives simmit

Post number two today as an alternative for those bored by referendum talk.

I am really chuffed with this solution to the multiple remote controls and 'essentials' cluttering up my side table. As you know I don't usually boast about my makes as they are never perfect and the omnipresent 'flaw' always seems magnified to me so, as I am already bigging up this item, you can sense a 'but....' coming up.
I made this to my own spec and like all my novice sewing projects it took nearly a whole day and then extra time the next day to refine it! Initially it had five long spaces at the top and five small pockets at the bottom but aside from the two big remotes the long pockets were too deep. So I sewed off the middle of the three long ones to make them shorter and added an extra row at the top for little nick-nacks.
It was only when I was holding it up to check for flaws or stray threads, and to decide if it would do the job, that I realised it looked rather like an explosives vest which was rather dismaying. So I've christened it my expletives simmit* as it stops me saying bad words when I can't find the right remote, glasses or nail file.
I also made myself a hankie box to try to make it look like an intentional set rather than just a stray little simmit with an unfortunate look-a-like.

*Simmit (or Semmit) - is a vest. It can be any kind of vest from the snow white one on the tanned bod of the Diet Coke hunk to the manky string effort sported by Rab C Nesbitt.


  1. Great idea! We are forever losing our remote controls/glasses etc! Maybe I should be making one too.....

  2. You did a wonderful job and now all the swearing will cease.

  3. Hello you!
    You could also call it a Baldrick...the vest thing that Morris dancers wear.
    Jane x

  4. That's great - maybe one day if you need to carry a few things, you could just wear it like a vest (tie it on somehow?!) and see if you get any odd reactions, hehe!

  5. Can I just point out that you actually need to remember to put the remotes, etc back into the simmit after they have been removed! This would be the huge flaw in the plan in this house anyway lol. Nice work though.

  6. It's a really great idea, and it will certainly save you a lot of swearing and looking for things. I am constantly dropping my crochet hook on the floor and then spend ages scrabbling around looking for it... x

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