Saturday, 27 September 2014

Funny bone

Recently I finally managed to have dinner with two old friends who I'll call Mary-Kate and Ashley to spare their blushes. We've been trying to catch up for absolutely ages and we finally managed to get a time and date nailed down. Even this didn't go well as the week before Ashley and I had both turned up to find out the deranged Mary-Kate had had a brain burp and meant the following week!

Unfortunately, for me as my knackered knee saga continues I became the reluctant topic of conversation. Both friends used to be orthopaedic theatre nurses and they were 'keen to explore' my reticence at allowing anyone near any of my joints with a Black and Decker. Although I am beginning to knock on a bit, at my age it would still be classed as a 'young knee replacement'. Mary-Kate revealed to my astonishment that she'd had a conversation with an orthopaedic surgeon friend about my knee with no names mentioned and apparently it is not a disaster and I "should get a good 15yrs out of a replacement"! I knew she'd kept my confidentiality and was just info gathering on my behalf so I wasn't upset as they were both trying to make sure I got the best of care. However, the pair of them were like a dog with a bone...or more correctly a juicy knee joint! It took me ages to divert them and neither the starter or getting them on to the referendum gave me much respite before they got back to my knee.

I am peculiarly squeamish about my own bones and joints and this even extends to my dining habits. When the main course arrived I thought hallelujah as we could concentrate on the food rather than my knee. However, I realised too late that the chicken supreme I'd chosen comes with a leg bone sticking out! I couldn't help myself exclaiming "Oh, no!" as I was horror struck that I hadn't realised how chicken supreme comes. When I explained it was the leg sticking up and not the meal itself that had distressed me the pair of them fell about laughing. Thankfully, I was able to annex a chunk of my chicken and the bone went with it as the shame of having to have my dinner carved by an orthopaedic theatre nurse would have been just too great.


  1. There's a moral to this tale!
    Jane x

  2. Oh no, you poor thing!! I don't understand why some people relish discussing this sort of thing, although I can understand a little with these two as it is their line of work, but really, once the food comes, people need to change the topic of conversation done they!! I have a horror of food on the bone on my plate and learned this about chicken supreme in the past too, so you have my full sympathy on both counts! xx

  3. I am actually quite happy they took over the conversation and discussed the possibility of replacement with you. Yes you are a young recipient, which means your recovery time will be half of an older person. If and when you need another one the surgery techniques and knee options will be so much more advanced. You need good friends to tell you what they think, especially very experienced good friends.

    The chicken dinner made me laugh.

  4. Hilarious! The chicken that is - not the fact that you need a knee joint. My own is getting worse as well as my hip but I'm not rushing to get surgery. Have you tried any alternative therapies?

  5. This made me laugh. You tell a funny story! I am sorry that your knee is still giving you so much pain and grief. Maybe a knee replacement would give you more than you realise, although I can understand your squeamishness and reluctance. x

  6. A friend is hoping to have his done soon. It's only because they care but I can imagine it gets tiresome. X

  7. Great post - well-written. Hope it gets sorted, though - and sorry to hear about your mum's illness. I read your post about the 'referendum aftermath' with interest. Personally, I never saw cessation as anything other than regressive and devisive, but we have - thanks to politicians past and present - ended up with a complete constitutional muddle and, as you suggest, potentially breaking up the country in all but name anyway. Bonkers. What a waste of money that could be put to better use. But one good thing might just be that professional politicians may have at last recognised that fewer and fewer people trust them.

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