Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Fast Food Dining Emergency

Who says fast food is bad for you? I was ravenous one day and decided to get a drive through Happy Meal as my prospects of getting home anytime soon for some proper lunch were pretty slim.
When I saw this I wondered if the stuff was as bad as people say and needed a paramedic and an ambulance response but no, it seems the only emergency here was their need for an afternoon break too.


  1. That stuff will kill you...and your street cred!
    Jane x

  2. My son worked in McD's for a short time. He hated it and certainly wouldn't recommend the food. Even the lettuce was reconstituted!!

  3. Well it can't be that bad if the ambulance crew are eating there too!
    And you get a free new toy too ;-)
    I confess to having done the same on occasion, I actually quite like their fries..

  4. We all need these things on occasions - and perhaps they just needed to visit the little boys room or something.... xx

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