Sunday, 19 October 2014

No Rest for the Wicked

It always feels a bit odd writing a blog post after a little bit of a gap. I can't decide whether to try write up everything, which leaves me feeling overwhelmed or just to write a little trickle which seems to misrepresent the chaos that seems to keep following me. However, here's what's been going on. No pics as I've mislaid my camera cable!

My Mum took very unwell this week and is in hospital for the second time in a couple of weeks. I decided to eschew the local hospital on account of their incredibly poor standards and carelessness. Last time she was referred there by the GP but this time I chose to scoot her through the Clyde Tunnel and take her directly in through A&E at another hospital where her care has been superior in the past. She is still on IV antibiotics; there is a staged approach to her immediate treatment priorities then to regroup and look at the other co-morbidities which might be implicated. I have Power of Attorney for my Mum and the staff have fully engaged me in her care and approach me with questions or answer me openly when I speak with them. Her behaviour can be quite difficult at times and I do not wish her sedated unless necessary so twice the staff have called me for assistance and both times I've been able to intervene to calm her. I cannot tell you how much of a relief it is to have confidence in knowing she is being well cared for and that I am still able to share her care.

I rarely get out much as I have to pace things with my gammy knee but have been making efforts to move things on. Sod's Law my Mum twice needed admitted to hospital on two of my three outings! I did manage to get to see La Cenerentola by Scottish Opera which was lovely even if I did get a call from the hospital, which I could deal with by phone. Scottish Opera are a fabulous company and the only complaint I could have is that the scenery is always done in black or gray with only the very odd bit of colour. It really makes me pine for the gloriously extravagantly coloured operas in Italy.

The gammy knee was looking hopeful as there was a little bit of improvement which has now been destroyed with the extra walking necessary from adding hospital trips. This has been quite revelatory as I thought I was coping and improving but it kind of shows me how just a tiny extra distance is enough to cause serious pain in my knee and bad numbness in my hand from taking so much weight on the crutch. On the upside it saved the physio hurting me when I had my appointment as my knee was actually too sore to do anything with...! I also had a couple of episodes of a strange facial numbness which could have been related to the medication I am on but has been ruled out as that. Thankfully, it seems to be going and hopefully wont come back.

The week before last I had a couple of visits from the Fire Brigade to replace my smoke alarm which were quite funny so I'll write them up as a post.

Magic remains as stubborn as Margaret Thatcher and is refusing to allow her insulin to have much of an effect. As so often happens this will entail more expensive testing and treatment and as her insulin doses are getting ever higher both her vet and I have developed a nervous tic. Her blood sugars are 18-24mmols on 8units of human glargine insulin which is deeply frustrating especially as she was doing really well. We are anxiously awaiting the results of her IGF1 acromegaly test which should be back in the next week or so. Both cats are as perceptive as usual and with all the stress with my Mum I've been waking up roasting hot and sweaty because one or other is wound round my head like a Davy Crockett hat and the other is acting as a foot warmer. It is most lovely of them but my default temp is superhot so the last thing I need is a pair of toastie cats trapping me under my quilt and boiling me to death.

On the crafting front I have lots of WIP's and ideas for things that need or would be lovely to do but finding the time is part of the issue. The dining room, where I usually do my crafty stuff, is also wreathed in damp washing as the weather is utterly foul and the rain torrential. It should be in the spare room which is still too full of boxes and miscellaneous items to get the washing in. Although I don't generally feel the cold I had to switch the heating on last week for a little while which surprised me as it had got really cold. Usually it is mid-Nov before I crack but who knows with our crazy weather.

The garden is a complete lost cause and the wind keeps blowing all my big plastic plant pots over. The buddleia and roses are down yet again but I'm not going out to stand them up again till it stops raining and blowing a hoolie, which might be nearer May next year! My theory was that the plastic would be easier for me to lift and manage. However, I didn't realise you need to weight them down! I'd hoped I might be better by now and could have cut the grass myself but that's not happened so I need to call the gardener and ask him to cut the grass and break the news to him that it hasn't been cut since he last did it in June....! I had to stop having it cut as the vet bills were my priority and cat wins over grass. This time though I may need to employ Indiana Jones to hack his way through it.

So that is you probably up to date. I'll try to post more often and wish you all a week filled with happiness and time to do what you would like.


  1. I'm sorry to hear things haven't been going too well lately. I do hope things pick up for you in the near future.

  2. I am sorry that you are having a rubbish time right now. It is no fun is it. I hope that things improve for your Mum and for you. It is good to know that the hospital are being so good, that must be a weight from your mind at least. Thinking of you and hoping that it all works out for the best. xx

  3. Bless your heart, I am so sorry your Mum is ill again. I know you feel relief in that she is being cared for in the right place, but it is still so much to handle. So sorry the cat is still ill and your poor, poor knee. It seems when it rains it pours and it is certainly pouring. Your grass will get cut, the garden can wait until next year to be sorted out. Just take care of yourself.

  4. You have so much going on...I wish I could pop over and give you a hug..and a talking to to Miss M.
    Hoolie...Oh, I haven't heard that word in forever!
    Jane x

  5. Yoou have so many things going on! It's hard having to go visiting someone in hospital even when you're fully fit yourself so having to do it when your knee hurts isn't good. I laughed about the cats wrapping themselves round you in bed!

  6. Goodness, you have such a lot on your plate! But I love how you retain your warmth and humour. I'm really sorry your mum's health is poor but very thankful indeed that you have good care for her in the hospital, and good communication to by the sound of it which makes all the difference. I hope your poor knee gets a chance to rest and heal a little - ouch. Sending hugs to you. x

  7. So sorry you have so much going on and hope it gets easier!!! X

  8. You are doing such a good job looking after your mum and your cat as well. I am glad you are managing to do the occasional nice thing for yourself and find some much needed respite and an enjoyable distraction from your current worries. Don't worry about the garden. (Sounds a bit like mine which is in desperate need of spring pruning) I love your sense of humour about Indiana Jones. If anyone says anything about the gardens, we can suggest to that person to pick up some garden tools for themself if they are that concerned! Cheeky, heh? Keep finding the small joys in every day. Wishing more smiles for you... Jodie xx


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