Thursday, 23 April 2015

Happy World Book Night 2015 and Giveaway

Happy World Book Night 2015!
I didn't apply to be a giver this year but neither did I want to miss out on celebrating it. So I joined in at an event in Glasgow Women's Library where they were having readings from a number of participants' favourite books. I particularly enjoyed the passages from a book called 'The House on Mango Street' which I'd like to read.
I've never visited a Women's library before but they were very welcoming and it was lovely to hear the readers share a part of a favourite book and why they had chosen it. There was a quiz, a really hard quiz. Well, I found it really hard but some others were giving it baffled looks as well so maybe there is hope for me.
They had a number of WBN books and were happy if anyone wished to take some extras. So I asked if they would mind me taking some for a giveaway, which is where you come in.
There are five books in total and if you fancy one then please just leave a comment. 
If you have a particular preference let me know and I'll see if I can accommodate the request if you are a winner.
Four books are from WBN and the small one above and below is a collection of Scottish recollections of home.
I'm particularly looking forward to reading this one as I love social history and reading the thoughts and lived experiences of others. Probably why I enjoy blog reading so much!

There are no hoops to jump through, no tricky questions - just leave me a comment and I'll draw the winners on Sunday 26th Apr 15. I'll post internationally too if you are a winner so all are welcome.


  1. How lovely to spend an evening with like-minded folk & surrounded by books! That's why I enjoy my book club so much.
    Thanks for a fab giveaway, please pop my name in the hat - and Scotland's Stories of Home would be my 1st choice... home is where my heart is :-)
    Happy weekend, xx

  2. Those books look lovely! :) I love books and yesterday we spent a little library day at my place. I gave my old books away and got some new from my friends. It´s always lovely to talk about books with someone and I also love reading book blogs!

  3. I'm nuts about books (except fantasy, and romance!).Postage is way too much to warrant sending one to Canada,so don't put me in the draw...but I'd love to hear your/your blog friends' reviews of them!
    Jane x

  4. Oh what a great giveaway. I love reading but not in Spanish and buying new books here is so expensive. Please put my name in the hat. Would be a delight to win any of the books mentioned but the Custard Tarts catches my eye.

  5. It sounds like a wonderful evening. I love books but I don't want you to ship all the way over here.
    Sending yo a hug,

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