Saturday, 1 February 2014

Saturday Silliness and some thoughts

Just some stuff that captured my attention this week.

I saw these two in a little place called The Shop of Interest which had loads of quirky handcrafted loveliness. I cannot bear to see real animals used as trophies but this pair are just so cute and no animals were harmed in the process. I've not seen 'woolidermy' done before and there would certainly be no shame in having this pair hanging on your wall.
 On the website the white one is apparently called Cordelia!
The pic below is for Ragdoll Mommy as I thought of her and her Apple addiction when I saw this shop a few doors along from the gift shop with the crochet animals. I'm a committedly Apple product free zone which offends her terribly but I thought she'd like this rather witty sign for a repair shop.
It is interesting what you see when you are not driving around and I was even the grateful recipient of the most amazing hot chocolate in Café Wander. The staff were trying out new flavour combinations and made a totally over the top hot chocolate flavoured with strawberry and topped with cream and marshmallows. Once it was made and photographed they asked if I'd like to try it. Not only did I try it but I polished it off and only good manners and a tongue that wouldn't reach to the bottom stopped me trying to lick out the mug. It was heavenly and really cheered me up as my day hadn't gone very well till then as I had quite a bit to think about and I was feeling a bit bogged down.
I can't wait until my knee allows me to get behind the wheel again as the loss of independence and flexibility is frustrating beyond belief. However, I'm resolved to find the positives as wandering slowly and looking around rarely to never happens and I'd not have spotted Cordelia and her pal or developed a longing for another of those brilliant strawberry hot chocolates. My default lifestyle setting is haring round like a demented contestant on one of those game shows where you scramble over obstacles while trying to beat the clock. So perhaps some of this period right now is a life lesson in accepting a slower pace, to stop and take stock or as a very wise person keeps telling me I need to be a 'patient patient'.
I'm grateful to those who commented on my last post about the pricing in charity shops. Clearly I am very out of touch and a revolution has occurred as they now view themselves as vendors of vintage items with prices to match this vision. This is quite a revelation to me and something that might alter how I donate to, or support. charities.
It concerns me when I hear of charities creaming off 'profits' to pay chief executives and fund expensive advertising campaigns or when donations don't actually make it to the recipients in other countries or 'rules' prevent the needy accessing the benefits. It is good if charities can command high prices as the more money that comes in will benefit more people/animals but I do still think high prices across the board must be counterproductive in keeping the stock flowing.

Magic's little shocked face when I told her about the high prices in the charity shops.


  1. That's a great sign on the repair shop. We're an apple free house too - I don't like the company or their products.

    Your hot chocolate sound great - what a bonus! Glad you enjoyed your wander, maybe it's something to do more often but I hope you can get mobile again soon.

  2. OMG, that's a great pic! I wonder if this is what heaven is like; just Apple stuff/products, all around me. Lol

    I have never seen something like that in the United States. Where are you from?

    1. Okay, I had to re-look at that picture and now I actually understand the point of it; I didn't understand it the first time I saw it, I was too hypnotized by the glorious "i" sign, lol. Until I saw the "i repair" heehehe. Too good to be true.

      Ps: I am surprised Apple let them use the "i" in it, sense Apple kinda owns the whole "i" thing we got goin' on here. Unless it's owned by Apple that is. Tho I thought "iFix" would have been funny as well......

  3. Sorry to hear about your knee and not being able to drive - how frustrating. But, like you say, it forces you to slow down and notice things more so it's not all bad - plus, a free hot chocolate! x

  4. That looks like a really cool and interesting shop! I must try to visit it next time I am in Glasgow.
    Marianne x

  5. I follow the shop of interest on fb but yet to visit. Keep promising to do that.

    My friend owns cafe wander! She and her staff are fab. I know she will be delighted to hear you enjoyed it.

    Meant to comment on your charity post but my internet connection was playing up. I think byres rd is particularly expensive. It's not so bad in the east end. Oxfam has always been pricey for books though. I always refused to pay their prices for a book unless it was for a collection (I like pretty covers). X

  6. What an interesting shop! I see Magic has some concerns though ... lol. She is such a sweetie!

  7. HA! I love the stuffed animals on your wall! These are marvelous compared to the ones my brother had on his....their eyes always followed me. (creepy)

  8. muy simpaticos los animalitos. Lindo tu blog.
    Saludos desde Chile


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