Thursday, 6 February 2014


Well, we've done it again! Yes, the Bissell pet hair vacuum has sucked its last, its motor burnt out by......two fluffy cats and the long haired human being the main culprits. The irony of hair and fluff being its undoing is not lost on me. I took great care of that vacuum, obsessively washing out the filters etc but to no avail. I'm particularly annoyed as the belt also snapped and I bought replacements not realising the whole thing was totally gubbed.

In 2011 I wrote an insanely long and demented diatribe on my history of vacuumicide and the search for the perfect vacuum. The Roomba is still around but its charging station remains missing-in-inaction post house move and the Polti steam vac came back from the dead after I managed to flood the motor with soapy water. Actually, I'd forgotten I'd done this and brought it back into service last week so I could well have ended up with an explosive perm!

This latest search for the holy grail of housekeeping began included an additional need to find something that will not aggravate my damaged knee. I decided I wanted a vacuum and not a sweeper, I wanted cordless this time, bagless, definitely light and with the option of doing more than just flat flooring and with reliable customer service. I was going to add in world peace but I'm not the greedy type!

I read rave reviews about the Gtech Air Ram and their phenomenal customer service. I decided it would be my next cordless vacuum especially as they have now addressed the significant limitation of the Air Ram by bringing out the Multi with the necessary additional tools. It is a considered purchase i.e. expensive, but I was prepared to raid the kitty and buy both with the decider being the persuasive extras of a spare battery for the Air Ram and an extension tool for the Multi if you bought from them direct. However, when I phoned I was told bluntly if you buy them as a pair you don't get the spare battery. I emailed nicely to ask why this was the case and received an auto email to say I'd get a response in 8hrs and nothing else. I tried again, auto reply and....nothing, third time lucky I thought and same deal. So I tried calling again and finally I got an email reply that totally ignored my question. I really didn't get a feel that this was a company who were interested in my business, and their email non responses and lack of interest didn't reassure me that if either broke down I'd get a decent service.

After looking around I found a cordless 2.4kg 2-in-1 stick vacuum which converts to a handheld and, this is the thrilling bit, it has a feature that automatically dehairs the roller and brush. If this works it will  be worth the cost for that alone! I ordered it from Lakeland as, in addition to a good price and obsessive product testing, they have a fabulous no nonsense customer service and a guarantee that says if you are not happy at any time you get a refund. When my first Roomba didn't charge they sorted it quick-smart so I know this to be true. I also love that they monitor product reviews and if someone is unhappy they leave a note saying 'we're really sorry to hear this, we'll be in touch' so I reckoned they were a much safer bet for my money.

It is arriving tomorrow morning and I cant wait, how sad is that? I REALLY need to get out more!

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  1. Just get a Dyson. We have one..... Those things are bad ass and they don't have one of those filters thingys.

    Go check out these AWESOME things @:

    Ps: obviously these are not made by Apple, so you should be able to trust me on this one......... Lol


  2. I have one word for you. Dyson. Forget the rest.

  3. I'd disagree, I think Dyson are pretty rubbish. I'm really sad too so I'll be very interested to hear how your new purchases do and was quite excited at the self cleaning brush feature - a good hoover is just about at the top of my can't live without list (I'm really sad I know but I do actually have OCD hehe so I have an excuse).

  4. I know a lot of people love Dysons, but I think they're too expensive. I have a Hoover that I really love. I got it about a year ago, after two Kenmores that were awful. The Hoover is the best vacuum I've ever owned.

  5. Can not wait to hear about it, you know I am vacuum obsessed.

  6. I didn't think you could burn out a Dyson. I've had mine for a year and a half and can't get the acordion arm to reach,each time I take it off to vaccum it chases after me. I wrote and they said to wrap it around the machine and leave it like that. I have for weeks and still won't extend.

    My next one is going to be the go on your own. Yup, turn the switchon, get into bed and get up in the morning and the floors all clean. Yup, as soon as I make enough money to buy one.

  7. We solved the vacuum problem by lifting all the carpets in the house and putting down polished boards. I now have a microfiber mop which picks up all the dust/hair/fabric fluff in a single whisk and no effort. Best thing we ever did. Oh. And the asthma is better, and there are fewer fleas.


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