Sunday, 8 June 2014

Basket Weave Stitch in Crochet

This is one of my crafting catch ups of the things I've been up to but not blogged about. I'd no idea you could do basket weave stitch with crochet but God bless youtube's wee cotton socks. It had a fabulous tutorial and I had some Wendy Serenity super chunky wool and a 10mm hook so it was not long before a very nice relaxed basket weave was created. This stitch had crocheted up very loosely and I am not sure whether it is due to the actual stitch or the manipulation of how I was working it so it could perhaps have taken a 9mm hook.
This was intended as a dining room chair seat but the inner is so pluffy* it was headed for the sofa. However, as all three sofas are groaning under the volume of cushions, and cushions-to-be, and are becoming all but unusable as they now only have room to accommodate the skinny pussy cat having a doss! I crocheted the back in treble but if I did it again I'd use a closer stich like double or a smaller hook. Luckily my Mother really liked this one and she is now the proud owner of it.
It has been great learning and trying out new crafts and techniques over this last ten months or so but if my knee doesn't start improving properly there is a chance there is not going to be any house room left for the inhabitants.
*Pluffy - one of our house words merging 'plump' and 'fluffy' and relates to something huggably soft. It is also used to try to alliteratively define the bizarre noise my Mother used to make when she fell asleep in her chair while watching tv and her breath burst out from her closed lips in a 'pluff' noise alerting us to the fact she'd dozed off. TMI maybe but you kind of get what you get with me!


  1. A very nice pillow! I have a new word to use now, thanks to you. I think it would make a nice name for a plump and fluffy kitty cat! Pluffy.

  2. You made me laugh, love the pillow and hope the knee is getting better.
    hugs to you,

  3. I love the word pluffy!!! That is such fun, and a great description for a new puffy fluffy cushion which is so very pretty! xx

  4. I've never tried basket stitch before, but you are right, youtube is a godsend - whatever did you do without it? x

  5. It's amazing what people will discover if you wait long enough. Love the way the stitch worked up.

  6. The pillow is super too! X

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