Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Meander to Gourock

I was prepping this post and accidentally pressed publish instead of save!

I was delighted you enjoyed accompanying me to Milngavie and hope you might enjoy another little trip this time to Gourock. I must admit I am enjoying considering how I might present familiar places that I take for granted to you and it is making me think. I went there the Saturday before last and am just getting round to uploading the pics. Not a very interesting one but I could safely take the pic. If you ignore the ambulance you are on the A82 at Great Western Road often called the Boulevard and are looking towards the Kilpatrick Hills.
This time we are going south of the River Clyde. Port Glasgow and Greenock are more urban, industrialised areas with long associations with the heavy industries predominantly shipbuilding. Gourock is more residential and very pretty but all have amazing views up, down and across the Clyde. I was at Cardwell Bay Garden Centre which has a fabulous craft shop which I'd visited the week before and came back for their jewellery making didn't think it was just for the scenery did you....?
The class was great fun and the group were most welcoming so I had a fun hour making my jewellery brooch. I'd really have liked it as a window dangle, but two cats and window dangles don't make a happy human or intact glazing. It needs a little tweaking but is 90% there.

I'd fancied toast before I set off from home but had no bread or desire to start cooking something. There was tons of fruit but I'd been gorging on new season strawberries and blueberries and didn't think it safe to push my luck and find the tipping point that was one piece of fruit more than could be contained! 'Breakfast' was lentil soup after the class in their lovely cafĂ© and obviously a popular option as they were selling it by the gallon. Soup and bread is nectar to me and would be my forever meal. I'm so fond of it that I often recall places by the soup they served and this one was perfect and even better it was hot but not molten lava like some.
The one view I can't share with you was from the Erskine Bridge as I was driving. It is a view that speaks to my soul as when you cross it you are high above the water and the vista is stunning in both directions. It is now free to cross but I used to occasionally pay my 60p just to drink in the amazing view instead of using the nearer Clyde Tunnel. It has been a place of sadness as some have chosen to end their lives from it but it is also the scene of life affirming drama too. Glasgow hospitals are the main centres for the Islands and every year many remote and rural patients arrive by all forms of transport including helicopters which go over and occasionally under if a new little scrap of life needs a flight to come in slow and low to given them the best chance of survival.

Cardwell Bay Garden Centre is massive and I didn't even manage to see everything. I thought it was lovely how the interior and exterior just seemed to blend.
The duck pond
They had a pet area with rescue animals and I was very taken with this lovely little budgie.
 There were guinea pigs
and chickens

 This sign made me laugh as it didn't make it clear who the cockerels had been rescued from and I wondered if it might have been the owner's neighbours who were after their noisy necks!
I've been lusting after a buddleia and when I realised I could get a white peony I just had to have one too. I also picked up a camellia but I'm not sure I'll manage to keep it alive until it is time for it to flower.
I'm still a novice gardener and hadn't quite thought through how I might actually get them home.
 I'm hoping the fact a leaf fell off as soon as I touched it is not a sign of the rest following.
 First time I've had plants as passengers! And yes, I did talk to them as I asked them not to curl up and die on me!
I'm not obsessed by houses but when I go somewhere I always wonder what it might be like to live there. So if a house by Tannoch Loch in Milngavie didn't 'float your boat' how would you fancy one on the Esplanade at Greenock? The house.....
 The view from the house...
This place is a haven for strolling, dog walking and is the site of a ferry terminal where cruise ships come in as it is a deep water site and visiting ships 'born' on the Clyde will often return to visit.
 love the seagull to the left
The weather was very changeable but then what's new here....!

This a sculpture that I only found out about a few weeks ago when I was reading Shortbread and Ginger who is a Greenock based blogger with a cracking line in finding fab charity shop treasures. Her pictures are much better than mine as the Girl with the Suitcase is hidden under a canopy of trees. I took these photos the week before and hoped to get you some brighter ones on my next trip but the light was actually worse.

 Just a pic to show that sometimes the sun shines.
I hope you've enjoyed this meander and I will think of somewhere nice to take you next time.


  1. Im catching up on blog commenting, can you tell?? Your photos of your trip to Gourock are great. We also visit Cardwell occasionally. We often go there to look for our Christmas tree, although lately we can't beat the Ikea deal, but Cardwell is much more fun to visit than Ikea! As you say, it's huge and you can easily spend a whole day and a whole lot of money there! I don't often buy plants there, they are beautiful but I find them a bit expensive too so I try not to look too hard lol. It's wonderful at Christmas, they have some gorgeous decorations and I love looking at Christmas decorations.

  2. Aw, you're making me all nostalgic again.... I was born in Gourock! We lived right on the beautiful Clyde waterfront. Of course that was a looong time ago now! I love reading Liz's blog too as I have family still in Wemyss Bay & West Kilbride. Love your jewellery make too :-)
    So where are we going next? Hugs xx

  3. It was so lovely to go on your journey with you! It looks as though you had a great day out. Your brooch is very pretty. Hope that the plants all do really well for you, the Camellia will need some extra care, so it is worth reading up on that and don't plant the peony too deeply, keep it at the same level it was in the pot as they don't like being too deeply planted, and don't fret if it takes a while to bloom, it will eventually! They will all be lovely when they are settled in and happy. Thank you for a lovely journey. xx

  4. What a beautiful place to visit, Love, love, love your broach, I don't think it needs tweaking at all, it is beautiful. Good luck with the plants, I talk to mine all the time.

  5. Love the photos! Hoping the plants have a long and happy life :-) xx

  6. I did enjoy your meander, thank you. I love seeing where and how other people live. That last photo with the blue sky and scudding white clouds is pretty. x

  7. I enjoyed the trip, sounds like you had a great day, Hope your plants survive and thrive, I'm hopeless with plants and never managed to keep anything alive!

  8. Loved the outing. Where are we going next?


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