Thursday, 28 August 2014

Not a ghost of a chance

I've been using Bare Minerals powder foundation since I found it 8yrs ago and it has been a totally game changer for me. I can't stand heavy foundations so the light coverage is perfect. I also love trying anything 'new' so was keen to have a nosey at their newest serum foundation.

The assistant was lovely and suggested I 'take a seat'. However, I'm the height of nonsense, walking with a crutch and the seat of the stool she gestured towards was level with my armpit....I declined the offer.

She asked what shade I normally wear, Fairly Light, then selected four shades to try, commenting that she wouldn't use the porcelain shade as it would "wash me out completely". I did comment that my base colour is deceptively pale and I usually need the first shade in a lot of ranges. She took a look and shook her head saying "Oh no, that would be far too light". I elected to use my inner forearm for the testing instead of using my jawline.

Well, the inevitable happened. She painted four increasingly dark ginger stripes up my arm, which began to resemble Red's tail.
She shook her head in wonderment at how my freckly chalky skin was making her choices look so dark. She gave each stripe a vigorous blending but nope, you could still spot them from fifty paces.

It was with the utmost reluctance that she reached for the 'washed out' porcelain shade and tried was too dark.......! Her face was a picture. At least I got to try it and, although it wont be going on my Christmas list, it did give me a laugh.


  1. Tee hee! I usually describe my base colour as "Death Warmed Up" and usually I'm right.
    So, no serum foundation for you this year?

  2. Well, it is nice to be pale but interesting isn't it!!! xx

  3. Funny how others always think they know better. Makes me want to say "I told you so", but usually just end up smiling and declining the product too. Thanks for taking one for us pale faces team! :-)

  4. You and I do run in the same universe don't we? I bought that very same foundation last week, mine is a medium as my skin is fairly dark living in Florida. I had used the powder when I used any foundation, but for months have put no makeup on at all. I decided I needed to help myself out a bit so went and got the foundation and a new pressed eye shadow, whoo hoo I am living it up now!

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