Friday, 6 December 2013

Glass Christmas Tree

This a work in progress from my glass class. It is a simple Christmas tree tee light holder and is my first 3D sculptural piece. The work in progress bit is that I need to add on some chainmaille and little bells to make it look really festive.

One of the reasons for making it was so that I could have a tea light holder that could be propped in such a way that my longer haired cat wont set himself alight. I rarely use candles much now as Red is a liability in a way that Magic isn't.
 There is a little spider splat of solder at the bottom which I cant bring myself to remove as I actually really like it
The silver rings for the side to attach the chainmaille garland should really be soldered on but unfortunately, the class is now over so I may just resort to my trusty superglue to get it up and running for this Christmas.

I wanted to sign up for the next course of classes but I am waiting for surgery on my knee and am loathe to miss any. So I'll probably have to wait till the spring to restart. This has been a fabulous course, the tutor was great and I cant wait to rejoin the class.


  1. I love it! Aren't you so talented. Good for you taking the class and look what you have made, it is going to be even more beautiful with a candle inside.

  2. Love the shade. How's it going now?

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