Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Just let it all out...!

Right, I'm having a grump and no one is going to stop me.

I was leaving this comment on Pom Pom's lovely blog and totally felt the need to expand on it as it has been bugging me for ages now. "I've been at home a great deal recently due to my knee injury and am at the stage if I see another heartwarming seasonal movie based on love, forgiveness and redemption of crabbit and unlovable estranged relatives then I may be forced to occasion harm on someone!!!"

I am a total Christmas lover and all things shiny, sparkly and seasonal totally do it for me. These last months have been difficult due to how lame I am right now. I can't get out to get my Gingerbread Latte, browse round the shops or Christmas Market or even just be part of the hurly burly of the town at Christmas as every step has to be counted to see it I can manage where I am going. This is why I've had time to watch Christmas Movie channels. However, I've rapidly reached saturation point. These made for tv offerings are depressingly similar, have the same premise and totally miss the point that sometimes there is a really good reason why you should avoid certain relatives and that the smell of a turkey dinner doesn't always cure people of their toxic personalities! Instead of managing to press my "Awww" button I am feeling totally homicidal and prone to muttering 'Ho, bloody Ho' as I switch over to some equally mindless programme which isn't covered in tinsel and fake good tidings.

Right, grump over and I feel much better now I've got that out there. I'm not naturally grumpy and in our family if anyone was having a grump they were put in their place by someone intoning 'lucky white heather'. So I think I will leave you with the source of this phrase from the very funny Rikki Fulton who was the master of the art of grump Late call - the rerr watter sketch and Lucky White Heather


  1. Is....... Is...... Is.... Right now... A bad.... Time.... To visit?

    Don't feel bad, I have the flu today. So we can complain together today! Yay! How fun does that sound?! Lol;-)

    Sorry, you're upset?

    I'd give hugs, but as you know; I have the flu. Lol.


  2. You grump all you want to. I think some of the Christmas movies are a bit sappy, and I am able to get out as much as needed.
    Hugs to you,

  3. we need to grump once in awhile-it does us a good.
    when thanksgiving rolls around every year I am glued to hallmark channel to watch many of my favorite christmas movies-some of them are really good-and some of them are darn right stupid and too much-so I totally understand. after about 2 weeks of movie watching-I have had my "fix" lol
    so glad you stopped by my blog

  4. Time to watch the classic Christmas movies then; Die Hard, the Odessa File and Iron Man 3. Some how they always restore balance to a saccharine world.
    Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my blog; my cleaning crusade presses on and I will record it in pictures!

  5. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog today.
    We all need a grump sometimes! So much of the Xmas TV IS saccharine - it is ARTIFICIAL sweetness. Turn over channels, or turn off the set.

    Advent blessings xx

    ps I am following your blog now too...

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