Sunday, 15 December 2013

Size sometimes matters

Two epic underestimations when ordering online!

Riiiiight, so THAT'S what a kilo of lavender looks like. The picture on the web was very deceiving but it does smell very nice even if I did have to decant it into IKEA zippy bags and will be making lavender sachets till doomsday.
Aaahhh, ok then,....funnily enough, I'd sort of pictured £10 worth of polystyrene beads as being a reasonable amount and at least enough for two cat cushions, not half a wheelie bin liner full. It doesn't look half so bad in these pics as it has all spread out. I've stuffed it in the hall cupboard but it keeps 'oozing' towards me when I open the door. Wonder how many cat cushions this might make?

Hmmm, I'm beginning to think I might just call and check the actual size of the turkey I ordered in case it comes with five loaves, two fish and 5000 guests.....!


  1. You could always make a King-Sized bed for your kitties, lol.

  2. lol that is allot of lavender-but one can always use lavender-

  3. Thinking of getting some lavender, wondered how much a kilo was. Found a link to your blog that you had posted on Amazon and, almost two years after you posted, here I am reading it.

    Thanks for the picture

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