Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Round up of some little makes

Post number four today which I 'think' completes things to date!

The Green Dragonfly posted a wonderful little Mousie Tutorial which I decided to make to test my crochet pattern reading skills and just because he looked so cute. To save me standing on my painful knee I used some Flutterby wool that was within reach and a larger hook. I had thought it was also a good idea it might be more human hand sized and if the cats pinched it the mouse might not get munched so badly. It all worked out well and the pattern was very easy to read and follow so kudos to The Green Dragonfly. My mouse is not the bonniest but I think that is due to the trouble I had with his features and trying to hide the ends, which is also why he has the oddest whiskers! However, I love him, he feels great, I learned the popcorn stich and the cats don't bother with him apart from a disgusted sniff-winner all round.
Sizewise this is him beside Magic's front leg (she was giving him the intruder once over). Both cats are complete photobombers!

I haven't made pom poms since I was a child/teenager. I know you can make tiny pom poms with a fork but anything larger means all that faffing around with cardboard circles which always took the fun out of it. As I wasn't very sure if plastic ones would work, I didn't want to buy the more expensive Clover ones, so instead I ordered this 4 size set from ebay. They took a while to come from China but they are so much easier than mucking around with cardboard. 
Mine are sometimes not round, but I think this is my error as the makers are the right shape. What I didn't realise you could do is make heart shaped ones and so I've splashed out and ordered some Clover heart makers. I cant wait for these to arrive.

Lucy at Attic24 posted a lovely tutorial for her Little Lacy Stars which I actually think of as Little Lucy Stars now! Sadly these are apparently very chewable and Lucy's wonderfully arty display on twigs is disappointingly just never going to survive in this house. It is not even worth attempting with the furry muggers around.  
Star one is claimed and "Off the 'puter!!" ignored
 Jelly Wares also had a lovely star tutorial that I decided to try after my little Lucy ones and this worked out really nicely too. Thanks to both for their great tutorials.
This was my first attempt at making a lavender stuffed felt heart on the sewing machine. It is very wonky and made me decide to stick to getting better at straight lines before I go round corners. It made me laugh too as a woman in my Glass class only makes straight edged leaded glass projects as she says the trauma of the little dove's curves at the beginning put her off for life!

Finally I think, I had plans for doing a pin cushion and was plotting how to make a super pincushion that sat firmly, didn't move around etc. However, when making my tree forest I realised I needed one NOW as loose pins and cats are not a good combo. So, instead of my feature rich pin cushion I leap in and made quite possibly the plainest one possible from an off cut which I will no doubt use for eternity as it works!
If you've hung in for this deluge of posts today very well done and thank you for reading and commenting if you are not too exhausted!


  1. Oh, I love the cute mousie! And the stars and heart are cute, too. I like working on quick easy projects. Happy holidays!

  2. I love your little mouse! And pink too! I am tempted by the pompom maker, I think that I have left it a little late to ask Santa this year. Jille x

  3. You've been so busy! Lots of lovely makes. I especially like the stars, little projects like that are such fun to make up. x

  4. Hi, I came looking for your Pause for advent posts. Your makes are really impressive. The stars are nice, is,the pattern onlne? X


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