Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Bamboo needles, bampot knitter....!

So how good are the 18pairs of knitting needles for the princely sum of £7 inc P&P...?

They are very light and look like they will handle well. The smallest sizes look a little frail and are super bendy as though they may snap. However, as I've never really knitted in ultra thin wool they'll probably not see much use or I can always use one of my old fine metal needles!

I checked all the sizes were there and that there were no catches on the needles. A few had some irregularities or small bits that might snag on the wool. As bamboo is a natural material I wasn't too bothered by this but a couple of wee swipes of my Leighton Denny crystal nail file did the trick. I used this as it is super fine and is great for nail snags so I reckoned it would work well on the bamboo and better than a traditional nail file. Apparently, from reading around, it seems that the more you use them the oils from your hands 'conditions' the needles. It is nice to know that as they are made from a natural material they will improve with age and use.

Now I'm fully armed with my tools and wool it will probably all be downhill from here as what I really I need is skill, talent and patience.....wonder if you can get some of these on ebay or amazon.....?

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