Saturday, 23 November 2013

Feeling Chibi

Presumed missing in the spare bedroom of despair are the original contents of my knitting bag. With these are my old darning needles which I am going to need for sewing in the ends of my knitted and crochet scarves. It is not a job I relish and many are finished but almost all need that essential couple of stitches to take them to properly finished.
On the web I noticed these angled needles called Chibi which both looked extremely functional and made me laugh. I can see it will be easier to work with a needle with a slight angle and they were made by Clover who have a good quality reputation and I know them from having their needle felting tools. In addition to these I also ordered some latch hook needles which should be great for thicker yarns which can be a nightmare to get through a needle.
The bit that amuses me is around the alternative use of the word. Although this city has a proud and historic past it also has an issue with bladed crime which in the local vernacular is referred to as 'chibbing'. Obviously, I despise anyone involved in such activities and I've no idea what the origins of this word are locally or why Clover uses it, but as the nefarious activity is not one I'm drawn to I probably don't really need to know.

However, it does feel rather odd to now be the proud owner of my own set of 'chibs' for sewing up my creations and makes me smile as I make a very unlikely ned*.

*Ned - Non Educated Delinquent - probably the Scottish equivalent of a chav. I think ned is a older term for the criminally engaged youth underclass though both seem to have an interchangeable affinity for bling jewellery, sexual incontinence and being at home to watch, enjoy and somehow understand Jeremy Kyle and companions.


  1. Inter sting, I did not know what that word actually meant, and I love the needles, you will too.

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