Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Sew Confident - Weeks One and Two

I got behind with writing my blog postings so the whole six week course is going to be condensed and reported on this week in two class batches, so not long to find out how I did.

Week One of sewing class was great to meet the six other keen sewing bunnies and to find out about how a sewing machine works. Everyone was very friendly and we ranged from complete novices to those who already had some experience but wished to refine their skills. Though the class is held in Clydebank College it is lead by Sew Confident and the very talented Jenny.

I was mightily impressed to learn even the basics which got me started as this was my big aim. We were given some scrap material and allowed to play about with the stitches, threading the machine, tensions and just to get comfortable using it.

I'd brought my glasses wrapped in a hankie that night as I couldn't find the case and at the end of the class I decided to seam up the test scraps into a little glasses case. Despite being very rough and ready I've used it everyday since! One of my colleagues said it looked like a bit like cardiac rhythms, and it is now duly named. 

Week Two was when we got to get serious and make something intentionally. I'd bought some lovely stripey material but was uncertain it would be strong enough for the industrial loads I tend to cram into my bags. Jenny emailed us details of places to find supplies and IKEA was ideal as they open late. Their range is rather limited but it is reasonably priced and accessible. I chose a lovely simple navy flower/vine pattern on white as my key fabric for the tote bag and my self chosen makes later and a Cath Kidston-y type fabric.
The tote bag making was good and I learned how to make a French seam. Unfortunately, I somehow fell behind at the beginning in the measuring and cutting out stage and felt I was always out of sync playing catch up. I was the only one who didn't finish her bag on the night! This might be partly because my table mates already have some machining experience or just because I am already in a remedial stream all on my own! I did attempt to finish it quickly but was beginning to make mistakes so decided it was much better just to wait till the next week.

What was great about the class was that Jenny, the tutor, keeps a handle on what everyone is up to but you are still free to work at your own pace. This means there is none of that horrible hurrying up so that you are not slowing up proceedings or sitting twiddling your thumbs until everyone else is ready. She is also immensely reassuring so that if you think you've gone wrong she either reassures you, or tells you how to rectify it. This is a brilliant class for me as the whole thing is new to me and because there are only small numbers it feels like one-to-one tuition as you don't need to wait for ages to get help or to move onto the next stage of the project.

Week Three.....bunting.....!


  1. You are on a roll !!!!! Good luck with the rest of the class.

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