Sunday, 24 November 2013

Scarf mania

I was planning to do a post on each scarf when I'd bought my first two balls of wool. However, as my scarves have multiplied alarmingly I thought it best to do some group shots.
 From left to right: Rico Pompon, Red Poodle wool from Aldi and the Vite Cowl

 Broad crocheted scarf in Flutterby baby chenille wool which is absolutely gorgeously soft
 L to R: Aruba, Amazon Ribbon, Nina, Desire. These were great fun to work with as I'd never worked with these one ball scarf yarns. I did find the Aruba a bit of a pain as it was a nuisance to keep having to open out the mesh at the top but apparently this gets easier as you get used to it.

The Vite Cowl I tried from a Ravelry pattern Meredith had blogged about was made with a fairly cheap acrylic yarn to see if I could manage the pattern but it has probably turned out to be a false economy. Unfortunately when Magic was pudging and kneading away at it, it did not stand up to it very well. I think it might be best if I 'donated' this to the cats and maybe made a little bean bag bed out of it as it doesn't look like it will wear well. The lesson is use a decent yarn next time because even if I cant manage the pattern I can always rip it out and reuse it.
Finally, you turn your back to get the next scarf to photograph and the snoopervisor moves in for a bit of quality control!


  1. I agree with you on the yarn choice. And see you managed the pattern just beautifully, so I think you need to use beautiful yarn to make it again.


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