Friday, 1 November 2013

The Innocent Big Knit

I love when it is time for all the little Innocent smoothie bottles to arrive 'dressed' in the supermarket with a cosy hat. I am always excited when I see the call go out for the little woolly hats and have noticed each year that the knitting is becoming increasingly more sophisticated. I never seem get round to knitting or crocheting any but I always make a point of buying the well dressed drinks. I spend ages choosing my favourite little hats from the selection and have even, to my shame, been known to hat swap two bottles to marry up my favourite flavour to a hat....!

Tho' I enjoy smoothies I rarely have them for a number of reasons. One, I feel guilty drinking my fruit quota instead of eating it; two I always drink diet drinks and probably prefer my calories to come in a chocolate bar wrapper if I am honest and three, I hate drinking anything with pureed banana from the taste and texture standpoint. To their credit Innocent do brilliant banana-free fruit juice versions. So, as it is all for charity and the onset of winter is a time when a good boost of vitamins never goes amiss, I allow myself the luxury of indulging in a smoothie with my lunches.

My Mother loves smoothies even more than me, and so I always make sure she gets a supply. However, the irony of giving an iced cold drink to her in a charitable attempt to keep people of her age warm in winter is not lost on me!

Afterwards the little hats usually get plonked on the heads of our small collection of dog and cat fridge magnets, the odd ornament or popped in the cupboard as egg cosies.

This year I am going to try to finally make even a couple to send in now I've got my lovely new needles and hooks sets and be part of the big knit. I'll probably only manage a simple hat but I kind of have a hankering to knit a minion's head, a Tam O'Shanter and my two cats. I might just end up with a garter stitch basic but the thought was there!

Update: I wrote this when I was full of enthusiasm but life got in the way. Only two were knitted and I was too late to send them off. Not to worry, I'll use them as egg cosies and send off a donation as well as stock up on some juice wi' a bunnet when I next get to the supermarket!


  1. The little hats sound like so much fun.

  2. Thanks for coming by. Nice to met you.

    Ragdoll Mommy~


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