Saturday, 2 November 2013

Scarf One - false start

As a child and young adult I used to be a prolific knitter of small things. I once tried a cardigan in 1985 but ended up losing interest, the pattern and then the half knitted pieces. It may turn up again but the likelihood of it being finished in my lifetime is not good. I much preferred small items that I could fashion from my imagination and my sister's dolls benefitted greatly for many years.

I'm feeling the need to create with wool again and have bought some of the lovely new scarf yarns available. Loads of things seem to have changed including the fact good old wool is now referred to more loftily as 'yarn'. I suppose this is reasonable because good old double knitting now seems to have been entirely overshadowed by frightfully posh llama, silk and alpaca luxury varieties, organic offerings from small scale suppliers and new technical offerings like ribbon and scarf yarn. I can cope with the advancement of computing and software but knitting....!!!

When I last knitted needle sizes were only just changing now they are fully over to mm sizes. I didn't bother buying new needles as I knew I had loads, including the inherited ones from my grandmother. I can tell which were her needles as they have a distinct boomerang bend in them. This was because she knitted with her needles being anchored under her armpits and having to somehow get the points to meet after navigating her impressive bosom. I was certain I had my needles to hand as I'd located my knitting bag from the house move and knew it was heavy and full. Sadly, I didn't realise  I'd last used it for my cross stitch phase. The only needles stashed in the front pocket were dinky size 10's and 11's (still old money sizes for me!) and a gauge which gives conversion sizes. All great but not much use for starting my scarf.....!

So, back on the internet to find new needles and it seems that the knitting world is raving about wooden needles as being very light and comfy and reducing the traction on the wool that was a problem with metal needles. 'Squeaky' wool which used to stick on the needles was the bane of my life as I can't stand the noise or feel of it. I can recall my Mother poking herself intermittently in the head with her knitting needle as she raked her hair to lubricate them which I always found faintly revolting but to be fair it did work, and I'd occasionally do it too with a troublesome wool. Carbonised bamboo seems to be pretty good from reviewers as comfortable and pleasant to work with, and some sellers are offering a set of all sizes for less than a pair or two of the metal ones which seems like a bargain. So I think that settles it. If they are not great then it wont be too bad a loss and if they work they will be an upgrade on my missing-in-action metal ones.


  1. I love my wooden needles and think they make knitting more enjoyable. just pick ones with nice points, come are far too dull. Yarn, well don't get me started, there is so many varieties and colors out there, so much fun to explore. Have fun.

  2. Thanks for coming by. You were going to say which one of my cats chewed up the toy.... Lol


  3. I am currently knitting some alpaca yarn on metal needles and it's doing my head in. I wish I'd used bamboo or wood now, but I just used what was to hand. Good luck with your project. x

  4. Thanks a lot for coming by, and thanks for the comments about Nico&Anya!

    Oh and I think you should have a profile picture, and start adding pictures to your posts. It makes a lot
    more people come and visit, I haven't
    had my blog for very long, but I also
    have like 8,607 or somethin' page
    reviews! And I have been on 2 other blogs! And I have won 2 awards! And been invited to a lot of partys!

    I just want more people to visit your blog, and see what a great blog you have!

    Good luck!

    Ragdoll Mommy~

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