Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Crochet Journey

I didn't think I was crocheting prolifically instead I was focussing on how hard I found patterns to follow. However, when I was taking some pictures of my recent makes on the only day where we had some sunshine I realised I'd actually come quite far. This picture shows my progression from supported granny squares to my following the collar pattern myself and creating something wearable. I've also made a couple of scarves but they were just in a simple half treble stitch. The lovely round ball we made after the granny square has gone missing. I gave it to Magic but she looked disgusted that she was expected to run after it and I think she may have hidden it.
These are the squares and rounds Hazel helped me pattern. Mine is the squinty on the right with the white border.
We then went on to make the circles and I cant recall which is mine. I cannot decide what I'm going to do with them so I've kept them attached to the ball of cotton and the stitch holder is keeping them secure. This is something I've started doing when I'm working on a piece between sessions. I was always finding the hook fell out, I dropped it or the cats had a little poke at it. So now I take the hook out and replace it with a closed stitch holder and it stops it ravelling out inadvertently.
The little hearts were from a web tutorial written in US terminology and easy to do once I'd twigged to the pattern and used youtube. Less working to a pattern as making a template and copying that. This was where I managed to finally work out how to do the elusive 'magic loop' or 'adjustable ring'. I've watched countless youtube tutorials on this and cannot believe how something that is fundamentally very simple can be made to look complicated...either that or I just wasn't clicking to what I was being told. Hazel uses the chain method but something must be up with my tension as when I worked into the first chain space the centre of the heart just got bigger and bigger as in the purple and blue. 
I fiddled about and ring loop just 'worked' and let me adjust it to keep the centre neat which I think looks better. I'm not sure if it might loosen once an item is made so I think I might work out some way to knot or sew it in firmly.
These were made to go on the ends of a long crochet scarf either stitched on or dangling. I haven't decided which yet. I cannot tell you just how soft and fluffy this chenille style baby wool is and how lovely it is to work with. It called Flutterby and is seriously gorgeous. Normally, I am not that fussy over synthetic fibres but this is a delight and I'm so looking forward to my long scarf being finished. It does make a bit of a squeak on the crochet hook so I've ordered some bamboo ones which should be smoother.

 And these take us to my crochet collar which I've given a post all of its own. All in all, when I look at where I was a few weeks ago I don't think I've done too badly in reinvigorating my crochet skills. I can recall doing borders and edgings but never making a crocheted item like this collar that I could confidently wear.
These are the books Hazel loaned me and I've found them very interesting though, as I said in another post just don't ever call me a Happy Hooker, even though I am pretty delighted with my completions to date!


  1. I love everything you have made, look how much fun you are having. You can call me a Happy Hooker anytime, because I am happiest with yarn and a hook or needles in my hand.

  2. And me. A hooker I love to be!!!! I think you are doing really well and practicing is such fun. Thank you also for popping over to Chalky's and trying to help. Pop back soon as we might both find things to help our blogging progress.
    Kindest Regards Linda

  3. I think you've done a jolly good job. I love your collar and I'm sure you will get heaps of wear out of it!! I would block your squares as it will make a massive difference and you will love them even more. Your hearts are very pretty and maybe you could make your circles bigger for coasters or alternatively you could crochet a few more for some quirky bunting. I remember starting and really not having a clue, that's two years ago now, within no time you will feel like you've been doing it forever. I must add I still struggle with patterns (grrrr). I have both those books and in fact they were my first two books too. Enjoy hooking and I will pop back soon. Xoxo


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