Monday, 4 November 2013

Washcloth connundrum

Lots of the craft bloggers I read have posted about making washcloths. When I first saw these I was quite bemused and could not see why anyone would waste their knitting or crochet talents on something as mundane as a cloth for washing dishes and wiping down kitchen work surfaces! What a waste of time, talent and gorgeous cotton yarn. I was mystified....until I read about this washcloth which not only made matters not only much clearer but have made me most desirous.

When I wash my face I either use my Geisha towel in the shower or if I am using the wash hand basin then I use a facecloth. I have a set of lovely Elemis mitts but find them a pain to use as the water leaks up my arm from the elasticated wrist and they are too large for my hands as well as the 'should I wear one mitt or two' dilemma. I also have a couple of Liz Earle muslins but these seem to roll into an unusable ball in my inexpert hands. So towelling facecloths which can be used once and slung in the washing machine seemed to be the answer to the job as well as satisfying my hygiene fixation.

Or so I thought, until I developed my new washcloth envy. I can just see a pretty little stack of silky soft pastel washcloths in nice patterns adorning the bathroom shelf which can also survive the washing machine. Now, how much cotton yarn will I need to treat myself to for this.....!


  1. I have never made a washcloth before but like you, I have a bit of washcloth envy after seeing some gorgeous ones on blogs recently! Thanks for your lovely comments over at mine. The cafe we were at was Artisan Roast on Gibson Street, it's fab.
    Marianne xx

  2. I frequently make washcloths for gifts because I can match their colours and styles to the soap and personality of the recipient. I can also make a washcloth with a plush stitch which feels so luxurious compared to towelling.

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