Thursday, 2 January 2014

16hrs in and the pragmatism is gone

Well yesterday was fun-not! After I published my last post I went to have a nice hot shower and afterwards I decided to trim my fringe as I haven't been able to get to the hairdressers because of my knee. I got a bit carried away as the mirrors and lighting are different in this house and...well...that and my enthusiasm means I've now got a little hairy pelmet round my hairline which is going to take quite some growing to look normal. Not even my trick of raising my eyebrows is helpful here as the fringe is beyond all help.

As if this was not enough, I'd noticed the bath had been slow to drain and poured some drain cleaner down while I cut my fringe. Unfortunately the reverse happened and water came UP the drain, so I got the plunger but couldn't clear it as I couldn't block the overflow properly. Anyway, worse was to come as the bath level raised and then the back of the toilet started hosing out water and the only fella that could have helped was Neptune!

I called the home emergency insurance folk who wanted my policy number - "erm, not got it at the moment as I'm trying to stem the flood". I managed to slow then stop the flood then it took me 40mins to get through to the next person to arrange the call out as they weather was resulting in them 'experiencing high call volume'. A plumber came out two hours later and diagnosed a blockage which he could jet, had the tools to do it and the skills but couldn't because of health and safety because it was night time and it was too noisy! It was only 8pm. He then got the toilet working but not the hand basin or bath and assured me a plumber would arrive at 8am to do the job. I've no idea what happened but apparently they are still coming sometime before 6pm, but had to get approval for the job from the insurer despite this being the plan yesterday.

I know many other bloggers are having significantly worse times with deep freeze conditions and river flooding so my minor internal flood is minimal and I shouldn't really be moaning. However, at only 16hrs into the New Year my plan of pragmatism and hopes for a better year are really up the swanee. I just wish I hadn't cut my fringe as at least I'd have had something to shield my eyes with!


  1. Oooohhhhh...... That's a pisser!

    Happy New Years;-)

  2. I'd say that is a crazy way to start the New Year, hang in there things are bound to get better.

  3. That sounds like a rotten start to the new year. Hope everything is sorted by now. As for your fringe - maybe a hat? ;-)
    Jille xx

  4. Health and safety has a lot to answer for.

  5. Oh dear! I can still remember my daughter when she was about 5 coming down the stairs with lots of purpose and shouting "who did this?" pointing to the remains of a fringe and expecting me to tell her brother off for cutting her hair during the night! I tried not to laugh, and failed miserably and then blamed the 'hair fairies'. I still have the photo on my phone and threaten her with showing people if she misbehaves!!

    I do hope your plumbing has now been rectified. xx


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