Saturday, 11 January 2014

Designer Directions

During the summer I saw a sign on the bathroom door in one of my favourite seafood restaurants Two Fat Ladies Restaurant in Glasgow and was so taken with it I just had to make one myself. Their name is a play on the bingo callers term for their address at No.88 Dumbarton Road. They've expanded to other venues but for me the tiny original where you can peer in the front window and watch the chef at work is the best and I never need a second asking to dine there.

I thought the idea was so quirky, witty and absolutely inspired and just had to try and make one myself
even though I don't actually need a toilet door sign....! 

Sourcing the bottles was rather tricky but thank heaven for the internet as I was able to eventually find a set which was very reasonably priced. These were my very first ebay and paypal purchases. Finally tonight I made it and am delighted.

The sign uses the dinky little 3.5ml anatomical Jean Paul Gaultier bottles as the symbols for Ladies and Gents in a recessed box frame.
The originals in the restaurant are in dark colours to fit their scheme but after much procrastinating I went for a gold theme to link in with my hallway. I used metallic spray paint on the frame, gold card and a dark woven cardstock to back the gold as I'd used a Martha Stewart punch on the edges just for a bit of extra interest and to break up the all gold.

Gluing them was a bit of a hassle. I tried E6000 which is apparently great for glass but it just wouldn't take and was too flexible. I tried to resort to superglue but it had gone rock solid in the tube(!) so I resorted to a roll on permanent glue which seems strong so far.
I've hung it up with some 'no more nails' tape instead of hanging them I'm concerned in case they come loose and end up smashing on the floor.
To the person who thought of this, I take my hat off to you, with my homage to your style which I just love.  


  1. I love it, what a great idea.

  2. That is a really good idea! I used to wear that perfume a long time ago and I've always loved those stylised, slightly kitsch bottles. This is very fun indeed. x

  3. What a great idea they look fabulous. Thanks for your kind words on my blog.


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