Saturday, 4 January 2014

Letterbox joy - Christmas Decoration Swap

I've decided to stop blogging misery and concentrate on the fun and crafty. I decided last night that despite nothing changing my life needs a little more niceness and that is exactly what I got this morning. I seem to have had some crazy oddness this year with my post thanks to the Royal Fail oops sorry Mail!

My car tax form remains missing in action, my Christmas Decoration Swap went astray and between Christmas and New Year a lovely wee old man brought me my mail. He apparently lives in the same number of house but three streets away and the postman had just stuffed all my mail in his letterbox so the man very kindly brought it round "In case it is something important you are waiting on pet" he said. What a star! Our usual postie is totally on the ball and will check the delivery office or chase up items and knows who it is ok to leave parcels with etc but he's obviously had some time off!
I've no idea why the card wont flip over the right way as I've tried!
These are so delicate and I certainly will be handling them very, very carefully
 This morning's mail brought me joy ~ my Christmas Decoration Swap arrived from Jessie's Needle which I am delighted about as she was as dismayed as me by its non-appearance and had even offered to make some more and send them. I am delighted with these beautiful, delicate and fragile little snowflakes. I made a couple of very simple crochet snowflakes this year but nothing so very delicate as this and on such a small hook too. The tree is coming down tomorrow which is unfortunate but even if they had arrived in time I still think I would have wanted to be able to enjoy them throughout the year so I think I'll probably attach them to something I use everyday. Thank you so much Jessie's Needle, you are most talented and kind and I wish you a very wonderful, successful and prosperous 2014.

The second thing that arrived was a calendar from a friend with two party invitations. I am delighted by the calendar as I don't actually have one this year and by the invites as wonky knee or not I'm definitely going to both.

Both of these lovely pieces of mail have cheered my day and the fact the car tax reminder is still missing worries me not one jot as I've already paid it, even though I still cant drive, but this my big goal in the next week or two!


  1. Oh, so beautiful! You're lucky to have some many nice things:-)

  2. Oh I do so love packages in the post! And what's kind man to bring yours to you - I love the addition of the "pet" at the end of his sentence. That always tickled me when we lived in Scotland - it was either "pet" or "hen"!!
    Those little snowflakes are just beautiful - what a gorgeous gift.
    Hope your knee's getting better and you're back driving again soon.
    Happy Sunday, xx

  3. How lovely that the parcels finally found their way to you just in time to brighten your day. I hang crochet snowflakes in my window, forget the tree, they look beautiful against the changing light of the window.


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