Saturday, 18 January 2014

The Year in Books: commencement

I saw this read-a-long being hosted by Circle of Pines on Bobobun's blog which sounded very interesting once I saw the range of books other bloggers will be reading and the flexi-book club nature of it.

I've wanted to join a book club for so long, probably since I saw the channel 4 sitcom, but the enforced reading to a schedule, the genre specific nature of some groups or having to read someone else's choice which I don't fancy puts me off as it would destroy the pleasure. On this basis, joining in with a virtual book club then sharing my experience of my own choice of book and hearing others' opinions of theirs sounds very attractive.

I buy books prolifically and used to read each to the end no matter what, even if I knew it was going to be a dud. A few years ago I suddenly decided that life was too short and precious to waste on a poor book especially as great new ones are being written every day. I always have a few books on the go at any one time but much of my daily reading often happens online which reduces my physical book reading. I have a long commute to work and love audiobooks from the local library. Since my knee problems have limited my outings I've been sourcing them from audible and listen when crafting and at bedtime. 

Current reading is as follows:
Never Somewhere Else - Alex Gray just finished 2days ago and will write up as started in Jan
Various Pets Alive and Dead - Marina Lewyka

Kindle App
Close to the Bone - Stuart MacBride

Stuart MacBride  - just finished 3days ago
The Honey Queen - Cathy Kelly


  1. I love reading and am currently in two book clubs. they are interesting as they make you read something you might not normally pick up, that is sometimes great and sometimes not so great. good luck,

  2. I love reading, but I'm in no "book club" ;-)

  3. I've been seeing this around Blogland and think I'm going to participate too. I'm in a book club and it's a lovely social & fun little group - the idea is that we get to discover some great books that we wouldn't necessarily have chosen ourselves, and most often actually end up enjoying them. Ooh and we always have cake too ;-)
    How's your knee coming along? Have a good week,

  4. Thanks for joining in! Do add your post to the link up so that everyone can find it. Laura


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