Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Washcloth finish

Finally, I made a face/body washcloth with a frill. I've been seeing so many bloggers make these washcloths and have loved them. Admittedly, I didn't understand why you would make these at first as I'd confused them with dish or washing up cloths. I still don't understand why anyone would let their precious handmade cloth be used for washing dishes or surfaces but this is probably because I see these hand-crafted items as little luxuries. I rarely handwash dishes (if I can get away with it) and, if I must, I use a brush on a stick and have a babywipe/disposable policy for most other cleaning so I never think of boring housework as suitable for a pretty handmade cloth.
This lovely was made for a friend and I wrapped it round a beautiful bar of Yorkshire Soap Company Orangery soap and pulled through a Merry Christmas Ribbon with a crochet hook. I did think of putting a pretty button and loop on it but I was worried the recipient might end up putting her eye out when she was washing her face!


  1. Oh, so beautiful! I just know she'll love it!!

    How did you make it? It's a beauty!

  2. Wow, this is so pretty! I might have to borrow that gift idea for next year (if you don't mind).

    I am so with you on that. Why would you use something you spent time creating to wash dishes? I've seen some lovely items made just for that purpose. Seems like such a shame to destroy something so lovely.

  3. That's a really lovely washcloth. Makes a pretty gift with the soap.
    Marianne x

  4. I am sure your Friend loved it.

    Well done,

  5. It's lovely - I've got these on my to make List for sometime this year. Such a fab gift too.

  6. That is such a lovely and thoughtful gift, I am sure your friend was really pleased. I received something very similar from my friend and I loved it! Jille xx

  7. I have to say any washcloths I have made have been intended for faces, not for dirty dishes and bleach! It's lovely the way you packaged it with the soap - I'm sure it'll never see a dirty dish! x

  8. This is such a nice gift - I too, had never thought of face washcloths, I've also seen all the kitchen ones and thought they don't work for me, for similar reasons that you've given, but a face cloth is a really great idea and it looks so pretty the way you've presented it :)


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