Monday, 6 January 2014

Heart Pompom makers

The Clover pompom heart makers I got just before Christmas are excellent. The one on the left is what you get if you don't read the instructions because you think you know what you are doing and use them like an ordinary pompom maker.
The one on the right is what you get if you follow the instructions, see MUCH better!

Once you get your head round the stages, it is very easy but hell on the scissors as there is so much snipping and shaping to do. I've also found the little 'lugs' separating the sections you wind the wool round are a bit fragile as I've accidentally 'shortened' one or two as I've been snipping away. Decent scissors are a blessing and I found that hairdressing ones are ideal for this as they have sharp tips and are not too expensive from ebay.

There are two things from my experience of these to be really fussy about. One is the strength of the yarn you use to tie it all together because as I've pulled the final knot the cotton yarn had snapped on a couple of occasions and the whole thing has fallen apart irretrievably. The second is to be careful that the little heart picture in the middle of both sides of the maker is pointing upwards so that the 'wings' on either side match. You tube has some tutorials which are helpful.

The pompoms are lovely and the small ones are even good as part of a gift tag. I have vague plans for a long chain or curtain of popmpoms but need to think more carefully about this as leggy little Red has nicked most of the ones I've made and can also jump up to items that are at my shoulder height without blinking so anything would need to really high.


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