Thursday, 9 January 2014

Always a solution

Time for a silly post I think. No idea why I've remembered this but it makes me laugh so I thought I'd share it.

The bedroom door in the previous house was of very light hollow construction and prone to loud, infuriating rattling when closed with even the lightest breeze or someone shutting a door in the house. Over the years either it got worse or I got more crabbit, and it caused many an argument if someone closed it when it should have remained open if I was studying or sleeping and had to get up to open the door to stop the rattling. Essentially the problem was that the door was flimsy and hollow inside and between that and the couple of millimetres gap with the doorframe the noise was amplified.

I'd tried many solutions with different types of foam draught excluder tape but they were all too thick; I tried just leaving it open with a finger guard in place but the cats got out and caused merry hell in the hall in the middle of the night. I'd consulted a joiner who said the gap was so small it would be hard to fix. It was a rented house and but if we'd known how long we would live there I'd have gladly paid.

One windy night I'd absolutely had enough and was in full, festering, sleep deprived crazy lady mode and the totally obvious 'solution' struck me. I grabbed a pair of scissors and a panty liner and set to work cutting thin strips and sticking these around the door frame at strategic points. They were white, unobtrusive and only a few mm deep AND they worked like a charm!!! I fell blissfully, quietly and a little smugly asleep.

This was only meant to be a temporary solution, particularly as it wasn't really one you'd want to brag about, however it was working and I couldn't bring myself to take them off in the absence of a permanent fix.

So why am I laughing about this? Well, we moved out over a year and a half ago and it is quite possible that the folk who now live there are benefitting from my Heath Robinson solution without ever knowing their bedroom sound-proofing is powered by a panty liner......!


  1. **lmao!** (AKA, "laughing my ass off").

  2. Very funny story!

  3. ha ha ha ha, so funny and ingenious!

  4. Brilliant - great thinking! What a funny story and I can't help but think of the people who discover your little bit of DIY in the future! I wonder what they will make of it!

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